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[Testimony] Daniel L. (GLDI c/o '15)

"I shudder at how casual I was on deciding to come to GLDI because I could have missed out on some of the most amazing and precious experiences and teachings, especially things that were so relevant to someone like me who is just starting out in the workplace. There were so many ways I witnessed God at work in my life, such as through personal transformation, forgiveness, vulnerability with others, and accountability groups. Something that was priceless for me was the freedom I finally found as I experienced God's amazing love and mercy, and to share all this with the great friends I made. GLDI has truly made a way for a life transforming experience. Now I look ahead, not wanting to squander the training I received at GLDI but to go out into the world and become salt and light."

[Testimonies] GLDI c/o '18

"GLDI makes you think about your purpose and who I am as a person, and how God has made me, and my weaknesses - I always thought were weakness, like it’s bad things about me, but I'm realizing how pow

[Testimony] Daniel K. (GLDI c/o '18)

… training ground for me to discover more about myself as well as to discover and practice strengthening those leadership skills as well. And even identifying weaknesses. Uh, it feels very like a holi


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