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[Testimonies] GLDI c/o '18

"GLDI makes you think about your purpose and who I am as a person, and how God has made me, and my weaknesses - I always thought were weakness, like it’s bad things about me, but I'm realizing how powerful my weaknesses are, through this place, and like, I don't know, it's just really amazing." - Chandra

"GLDI is a safe place and a place where I found true community, especially with my sisters in my family group. And I normally have a very hard time be vulnerable and open, but we all just opened up, like the first night and we just - we just shared everything and, yeah, I’m just thankful for everyone here and for being here in this place of self-discovey, learning about God and about me and our relationship, my relationship with other people." -Jooyoung

"It’s a time to prepare my heart and to recenter myself on what is my faith and what are my values. This will be the training grounds to prepare me before going out into the world." - Kate P.

[Testimony] Daniel L. (GLDI c/o '15)

"I shudder at how casual I was on deciding to come to GLDI because I could have missed out on some of the most amazing and precious experiences and teachings, especially things that were so relevant t

[Testimony] Daniel K. (GLDI c/o '18)

… training ground for me to discover more about myself as well as to discover and practice strengthening those leadership skills as well. And even identifying weaknesses. Uh, it feels very like a holi


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