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July 1 (M) - 5 (F), 2024   |   JAMA Global Campus


Five-day summer camp of college-oriented teaching and mentoring to equip you to not only survive but thrive spiritually, academically, and relationally during your college years. 


to thrive spiritually, academically, and relationally in college and meet students from all over the country!

Elise C.

CP:R was definitely a valuable experience, in that it provided strong Christian values and practices to take into the realm of college (whatever chaos that might entail), as well as practical tips for properly managing your time. Being at CP:R is so revitalizing and convicting spiritually. Both family group and large group sharing fostered this sense of community as brothers and sisters of Christ. I would definitely recommend CP:R for incoming freshmen.

July 1-5, 2024 
CP:R will have some sessions with the Youth Leadership Conference

JAMA Global Campus (Garden Valley Retreat Center)

22392 FM 16 W., Lindale, TX 75771


  • Graduating high school seniors entering a college/university in Fall 2024

  • Born-again Christians who attend church regularly

  • Students who want to be salt and light in college

TUITION:  $599  (Food and lodging included)




  • How to be a Christ-follower in Our Culture

  • Understanding What is Happening in Our World

  • How to Spend Quality Time with God

  • Understanding and Living Your True Identity   

  • Discovering Your Strengths (StrengthsFinder)

  • How to Overcome Conflicts: Being a Peacemaker

  • Building Friendships That Last

  • Staying Mentally Sane in an Insane World

  • Life of a Servant

  • Renewing Your Heart 

  • How to Date Like a Christian

  • How to Help a Hurting Friend

  • How to Stay Christian in College

  • Making the Most of College to Succeed Academically While Having Fun

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