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[Testimony] Daniel K. (GLDI c/o '18)

… training ground for me to discover more about myself as well as to discover and practice strengthening those leadership skills as well. And even identifying weaknesses. Uh, it feels very like a holistic approach to leadership from personal, internal struggles - figuring that out and working on that - to how it may manifest itself in more external ways. Um… again just very holistic, very... just an awesome program to devote 40 days to. It’s like a big sacrifice and it is tiring but it seems like a sacrifice that is very worth it, and it’s a sacrifice that is very rewarding each and every day.

It’s also an awesome time to see other leaders; to see the potential in them, to see how they grow, too. It’s not just an isolated “me” event but it’s also a “you grow yourself, and you grow alongside others in different paths and different directions. But that’s just an amazing. You don’t find that normally. Otherwise, that’s all I would add!

[Testimony] Daniel L. (GLDI c/o '15)

"I shudder at how casual I was on deciding to come to GLDI because I could have missed out on some of the most amazing and precious experiences and teachings, especially things that were so relevant t

[Testimonies] GLDI c/o '18

"GLDI makes you think about your purpose and who I am as a person, and how God has made me, and my weaknesses - I always thought were weakness, like it’s bad things about me, but I'm realizing how pow


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