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  • What is the weather like?
    Our summer GLDI is held at the 471-acre JAMA Global Campus in Lindale, Texas. Located approximately two hours southeast of Dallas, the City of Lindale is characterized by hot and humid summers with sporadic rains. Temperatures can range from 70°F in the morning/evening to over 100°F in the afternoons. Given its rustic environment, students can anticipate sharing the campus with mosquitos and various insects that are easily attracted to exposed skin. We suggest packing light long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and bug repellent. All of the indoor meeting areas (Lecture Halls, Classroom, Dining Hall, Dormitories, etc.) are equipped with HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Systems. Please pack accordingly, but appropriately, and with discretion. (Refer to the JAMA-GLDI Dress Code Policy in the Welcome Packet.)
  • What is the food like on JAMA Global Campus?
    Wtudents will dine in the Dining Hall located in between residence halls and the administration building (where most of the lectures and classes are held). The Dining Plan is included in the overall tuition of the training. All meals are prepared on campus and will include various ethnic foods (American, Mexican, Korean, Italian, etc), salad, and fruits. In July of 2018, JGC also opened up their very own campus coffee shop conveniently located in the Dining Hall. The campus coffee shop serves various espresso drinks, blended drinks as well as teas.
  • Will I be able to leave the campus?
    No. Considering the remote area of JAMA Global Campus, there is nothing in walking distance. For safety reasons no one is to leave the campus unless it is a GLDI program. There will be designated times when the JAMA staff makes off campus visits. On weekends, students can expect to engage in various activities and programs with GLDI. Should the NEED to leave campus arise, students will be required to inform the JAMA-GLDI staff and obtain prior approval. We understand that some individuals will be attending GLDI from the Texas area. However, students will not be given special privileges to leave the campus without approval.
  • What will I need to prepare beforehand?
    Pending acceptance into the training, students will receive a Welcome Packet with pertinent information guiding individuals on how to effectively prepare for the training, including required assignments prior to the student’s arrival. We encourage students, first and foremost, to prepare one’s heart through a posture of concerted prayer. We also recommend that students practice the disciplines of waking up early and exercising – as this will be the regular pattern for the duration of the training.
  • If I live near Lindale and the JAMA Global Campus, may I attend my church on the weekends?"
    While we understand that certain individuals will be attending the training from the surrounding Texas regions, students will not be permitted to leave the training or the campus to attend one’s respective church for the full duration. Each Sunday, GLDI will travel to select churches together, as a group. Over the years, this has proven to be a significant GLDI experience, as each weekend affords students with opportunities to visit and engage with different churches and ministries, while also being exposed to various styles of worship.
  • I would like to visit a church in Texas on my own. Will this be possible?
    No, not during the 40 days at GLDI. As mentioned above, each Sunday, GLDI will travel to select churches together, as a group. For this reason, we do not allow students to visit a church on their own. Should students want to visit a church that is not part of the schedule, they may do so on their own, following the completion of GLDI.
  • What is the nearest airport?
    Both Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airports are located approximately two (2) hours away from the JAMA Global Campus. There is Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR) in Tyler, and East Texas Regional Airport (GGG) which are closer to JGC, however, the tickets are costly and irregular. If you choose to fly into one of these airports, please give us advanced notice. For more information on travel accommodations, please refer to the FAQ’s pertaining to Transportation.
  • Flight and ground transportation arrangements should be self-arranged to arrive at EITHER Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) OR Dallas Love Field (DAL) Airports BEFORE 2:00 PM on the start day of the training. The JAMA-GLDI team will work on arranging rides for students from the airport to the JAMA Global Campus on the first day ONLY. However, we cannot make any guarantees. In order to make advance accommodations, please send your flight information and your mobile contact number to BEFORE the day of. Should students want to make their own travel plans from the airport to the Campus, the address for the JAMA Global Campus is: JAMA Global Campus 22392 FM 16 West Lindale, Texas 75771
  • When should I arrive at JAMA Global Campus? [Check-in]
    Students must check-in at the JAMA Global Campus by 4:00 PM on the first day of the training.
  • When should I pland my departure from the JAMA Global Campus? [Check-out]
    We suggest scheduling outbound domestic flights for 7:00 PM on the last day of the training and thereafter in order to provide sufficient time for pre-flight procedures.
  • Will transportation be provided during the training?
    During the program, JAMA-GLDI will provide transportation to and from all program related activities and events.
  • What do I need to prepare/bring/pack for GLDI 40-day program?
    Please remember that GLDI is an intensive 40-day training program. Pending acceptance into GLDI, students will receive a Welcome Packet with pertinent information guiding individuals to effectively preparing for the forty days, including required reading assignments prior to the student’s arrival to campus. We encourage students, first and foremost, to prepare one’s heart through a posture of concerted prayer. We also recommend that students practice the disciples of waking up early and exercising – as this will be the regular pattern for the duration of GLDI. Required Reading: Please read and bring the two (2) prerequisite texts (Spiritual Leadership and The Good Book on Leadership) with you. Packing List (The 40-Day Essentials): Bible (hardcopy) Personal Computer / Laptop and necessary accessories (chargers, hard drives, USB drives, etc.) Backpack / School Bag Journal Writing Utensils Toiletries (Shampoo/Conditioner, Soap, Toothpaste/Toothbrush, etc.) Towels, Pillow(s), Bed Linen(s), and Blanket(s) or Sleeping Bag Clothes (Refer to the GLDI Dress Code) – NO revealing items such as, but not limited to: micro-minis, tank tops (worn by themselves), inappropriate, explicit, and/or offensive prints Casual Wear Church Attire (Business Casual/Formal) Exercise/Workout attire Athletic/Running Shoes Swimwear (Refer to GLDI Dress Code – Modest swimwear please! NO bikinis, NO Speedos) Spending Money (Students will need funds for laundry, personal expenses, snacks, etc.) The following items are recommended but not required: Indoor slippers Shower caddy Bug repellent Hat/ Sun visor Clothes hangers
  • Will I need to provie my own bedding and linens?
    Yes, students will need to provide their own towels, pillows, bed sheets, and blanket(s)/sleeping bag. For more information, please refer to the, “What do I need to prepare/bring/pack?” FAQ Section.
  • Is ther a dress code at the training?
    Yes. JAMA-GLDI enforces a strict, modest Dress Code Policy. For more information, students may refer to the Dress Code Section on Page 3 of the GLDI Welcome Packet. Please use discernment and good judgment so that other individuals are not distracted or stumbled. The Dress Code Policy will be enforced both ON and OFF campus, including outdoor activities and morning exercises. Please remember that students are representing GLDI! [The General Breakdown] For BOTH males and females – Hemlines of shorts must fall below MID-THIGH length when seated. NO tank-tops (wife beaters, a-shirts) worn by itself NO deep necklines NO tights/leggings worn by itself (acceptable if worn with a long shirt, covering one’s lower back section/rear) NO bikinis / NO speedos
  • Can I bring my own instrument(s)?
    Yes*. Students often bring their own instruments and play throughout the duration of the training. Further information pertaining to the requirements and audition process to join the Student Worship Team will be announced during the training. *Please note, JAMA-GLDI cannot be held liable or responsible for any damage(s) or loss(es) incurred to your personal property.
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