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[Testimonies] CP:R 2023

"CP:R was a positive experience for me in terms of my spiritual understanding of Jesus and fellowship under His presence. being able to spend time with fellow believers with a genuine passion for Christ was powerful, and truly opened my eyes on what it means to be a church. all the workshops and sermons were very informative and constructive, teaching me what it means to have true, disciplined, and strong faith in Christ. however, above all the technical aspects of what the conference was, seeing God work firsthand was what made cpr so meaningful for me. it wasn't the music or the activities, but solely the presence of Christ, and i believe He was truly present with us." - Justin Y.

"I rate CP:R a 10/10. I felt that God put me there for a reason to meet the amazing brothers and pastors there. Going into CP:R, I wanted to gear Gods voice. I thought that would be a physical shout in my ear or something, but i discovered that God spoke to me through the people at CPR, and the scripture. It was the first time I've truly heard God's voice. I am now committed to raising my spiritual baseline and strengthen my Faith." - Bryan K.

[Testimonies] CP:R 2022

"CP:R was definitely a valuable experience, in that it provided strong Christian values and practices to take into the realm of college (whatever chaos that might entail), as well as practical tips fo


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