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[Testimonies] CP:R 2022

"CP:R was definitely a valuable experience, in that it provided strong Christian values and practices to take into the realm of college (whatever chaos that might entail), as well as practical tips for properly managing your time. Being at CP:R is so revitalizing and convicting spiritually. Both family group and large group sharing fostered this sense of community as brothers and sisters of Christ. I would definitely recommend CP:R for incoming freshmen." - Elise C.

"CR:R was definitely an experience I would recommend to all upcoming college freshmen. They have all the essential equipment to teach you how to prepare for not only your walk with Jesus throughout college but also the most efficient ways how to succeed in college." -Rachel S.

"I would highly recommend all high school graduates to attend CP:R because all the possible studying in the world can’t really prepare students spiritually to enter college. I feel so much better equipped for college and it rejuvenated my heart to live for God." - Grace L.

"CP:R was such a special camp where I was able to have an intense, undistracted, and encouraging experience -along with some of the most genuine people that I’ve ever met. Growth (in all areas) was absolutely inevitable with all the resources that was provided for my experience." -Chrissa L.

"CP:R is an experience that you can't really get anywhere else. It's a really good opportunity to either learn about new subjects or reaffirm old ideas. You also get a really nice opportunity to get close to some peers around the same age. " -Josh

"CP:R is great for future students as it will not only build your faith and spiritual health stronger but also improve your day to day basis life. CP:R is able to deliver impactful messages that you never really thought of in your past life. Students will be able to find their strength and weaknesses and really utilize their strength in the real world. CP:R will also be able to help you create good habits in the future to use your time with a purpose and goal in life. CP:R not only taught us how to survive, but to also thrive in order to Glorify God." -Yohan

"Future potential CP:R students should come because it's such a great opportunity and experience to come together to deepen our faith especially as we start a new chapter in our lives. With this fellowship, new spiritual friendships can sprout, CP:R gives many of the necessary tools to succeed academically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually in college. The multiple individuals they bring in deliver powerful messages that impact you to the core, leaving yourself an unforgettable experience from God." -Youngjin

[Testimonies] CP:R 2023

"CP:R was a positive experience for me in terms of my spiritual understanding of Jesus and fellowship under His presence. being able to spend time with fellow believers with a genuine passion for Chri


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