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[Testimonies] Camp Refresh retreat

"Camp Refresh could not have come at a more perfect time for me. I was in my fall semester of graduate school and, after experiencing immense spiritual and emotional struggles within my program, lost much of the motivation that drove me to apply in the first place. During the retreat, through fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, deep reflection and sharing, listening to powerful testimonies, and hearing about Dr. Kim's precious vision for JAMA, I truly felt refreshed and re-inspired. It is amazing what God can do in a few short days, and I am so thankful." Ivy C. (GLDI c/o

"I went to the retreat jaded and tired in my faith and left humbled and inspired after surrounding myself in a prayer-filled environment, connecting with old and new faces, and especially listening to mentors of our faith share about their own struggles yet in their obedience to God witness the miraculous works of God. It's been a while since I've wanted to taste that in my own life. Don't let the thoughts of life being too busy or Texas being too far hinder you from being renewed spiritually." - Ellen E. (GLDI c/o '07)


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